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    This is an intermediate course that builds on the knowledge gained in Financial Accounting 1. It covers a range of advanced financial accounting concepts and encourages students to think about the theory behind accounting practice. The course is designed to help students construct financial statements, interpret financial statements and to develop a theoretical and analytical grasp of financial accounting. Emphasis will be placed on the reasons behind financial accounting procedures, rather than simply the mechanics of transactions.

  • The principal aim of this course is to enable students to develop an understanding of the nature and role of information systems within organisations, together with an awareness of the practical implications of some of the crucial aspects of the working and development of information systems.
  • This course requires an enrolment key

    The aims of the course are to:

    • help students to develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of the

    theory, principles, concepts and techniques used in management accounting

    primarily to assist managers in running a more effective business; and,

    • to critically examine the suitability and effectiveness of management

    accounting approaches for a variety of management challenges.

  • This course requires an enrolment key

    This course builds on the ideas introduced in Finance 1, and aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of corporate finance, while also introducing aspects of capital markets finance. Together, Finance 1 and 2 courses aim to provide students with the core finance knowledge required of BAcc students. Finance 2 also aims to provide students with a thorough foundation for the study of subsequent optional finance courses. Finance 2 aims to consolidate ideas introduced in Finance 1 by applying them to specific special topics such as leasing, acquisitions and options, as well as introducing the analysis of the financing decision. The course emphasises the practical implications of finance theory and its application in financial decision-making.